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Melodee Ann Claassen, Business Physician/Managing Member

IMG_0066I have always felt that it is embarrassing, as well as a challenge, to write about myself! There is a fine line, I think, between not telling enough and telling too much, between boring readers with, well, boring statistics and facts about myself and trying to navigate my way through my life thus far to find bits and pieces that might be viewed as interesting to a reader. It is with this in mind that I write . . . about me.

Career Timeline

     After studying and receiving a diploma for Executive/Legal Secretarial studies many, many years ago, I applied for and was offered a position with the County of Santa Barbara, California. This was my first "real" job as an adult and I worked for the County of Santa Barbara for 10 years (of which 5 years were for the District Attorney's Office). From this position, I moved on to the pre-eminent business law firm in San Luis Obispo County, California, Sinsheimer, Schiebelhut & Baggett, PLLC (now, Sinsheimer, Juhnke, McIvor & Stroh, LLP), where I worked 11 years as a legal secretary, and eventually a paralegal, for one of the founding partners. I specialized in estate planning and transactional law.

     My beloved husband passed away in December 2004, leaving me a widow with two grown daughters. We had a dream of retiring in Montana so, a few months after his passing, I sold our house and packed up, lock, stock and barrel, and moved to Montana. Upon my arrival in Montana in May 2005, I secured a position as a legal assistant with a prominent law firm in Missoula, Montana, where I worked for 2 1/2 years for a managing partner.

     In December 2007, I left this Missoula law firm and started my own virtual business, which has done very well.  Despite the fact that my virtual business was holding its own (even through the tough and stilting ecomonic decline of the past 5 years), I made a business decision in 2012 to slightly revise my business model and to rebrand my business from the ground up. It was this decision that breathed life into Business Remedies, LLC.

     My new business model is such that I have brought on business partners, who are autonomous, that work with me to serve and guide Business Remedies, LLC's, clients. I found that I wanted to provide a larger array of services to my clients. This was all fine and good but, alas, there were only so many hours in a day!

     Today, my partners and I (the "Business Health Professionals") offer a plethora of life-saving services to business owners and their businesses.

     Talent Business consulting, business management, systems creation, human resources management, talent acquisition, project management, website design, paralegal services, writing and editing


     My father was a career military man (U.S. Marines, 7 years; U.S. Army, 27 years) and my mother was a military man’s wife. I was born at Camp Zama, Japan, and was the second of two children. In addition to living in Japan, we were stationed at Quezon City, Philippines; Taegu, Korea; and, numerous state-side military posts.

     I have been a Christian woman  for over 20 years. From the moment I accepted the Lord I have not looked back and have never regretted my path. I have always treasured being a Christian woman as this embodies the beliefs, values and lifestyle which I love and wish to emulate. Do I always do so to perfection? No. However, I trust that the Lord accepts me, even in my tarnished state. I am forgiven and I rest easy knowing that He understands who I am, what I am and to whom I give the glory!

     Things I Love/Interests: Scottish Collies (Think Lassie!); knitting; crocheting; reading; and, cooking

Ellen Fields, savvy Website DeveloperEllen Fields pink

Ellen has 30 years experience in the computer and communications industries, including sales, marketing, corporate communications and web development. She graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles.

She sold the original "small" computers at IBM's General System Division, achieving the 100% Club every year that she was on quota. She sold mainframes to the aerospace industry at Unisys, and was awarded the Rookie of the Year and Industry Salesperson of the Year awards.

Ellen has also been an account representative at a New York advertising agency. She launched a talk radio program, The Famous Computer Café, about personal computers that aired in Los Angeles, and she was a successful technical recruiter for major software companies in the area for eight years. After moving to Central California, Ellen helped grow a startup software company into a major player in the storage management market.

She introduced satellite TV broadcasting at Arcada software, producing quarterly companywide meetings across four locations, and created and maintained the first Intranet at Seagate Software. She also produced live Intranet broadcasts and implemented a web-based audio newsletter at Veritas Software.

She created the Internal Communications department at Seagate Software and Veritas, and produced in-house videos for Seagate Software, Veritas and Primix.

If you're curious how two middle-aged tech workers ended up self-employed in Mexico, read our expatriate interview on Yucatan Living.

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