Business Remedies



We specialize in getting businesses back to full health and working at full capacity. Our tagline says it all . . .

We are the Remedy for what ails your business!


     If your company is not operating at full strength or is mired in quicksand resulting from seemingly insurmountable stumbling blocks, we come in and handle the pain. A few examples of the "treatments" and "relief" we offer are:

          Heart Monitor»     Business consulting for all phases and areas of your business (Would you like a sensible and practical sounding board and someone to help you work through business challenges to reach sound business solutions?);

          »     Administrative support for busy executives (Do you really want to keep your own calendar and respond to common email queries?);

          »     Project management relief (Project management is becoming more and more pronounced in today's business world; however, it is a time-consuming endeavor. What would you do with the extra time realized from hiring a project manager?);

          »     Social media accounts and on-going posts creation (Social media is one marketing strategy that is vastly familiar today. Do you have time to post to your social media sites every day or every other day? If so, you really DO need Business Remedies, LLC! My thought is, if you have time to do this on a daily or frequent basis, we need to get you more business!);

          »     White paper and eBook research, drafting and completion (These are great ways to present yourself as an expert in your field, attract prospective clients and build prospect lists using your website. Need help with research and drafting? Formatting for the eBook?);

          »     Website design and update (I read an article last year that said only about 50% of small businesses based in the United States have created a website for their business. Though this seems hard to believe, the fact of the matter is that a business of ANY size needs to have a website presence. You may not be into technology and all the hype that is associated with it, but it is crucial to have a website presence.  Today, a website is what legitimatizes and grounds your business. We would love to help you with your website design and any subsequent updates. Let's get your business online and into the 21st century!);

          »     Newsletter creation and management (Staying in touch with your target market and current clients is vital to your business. We can assist with this task using iContact, ConstantContact, MailChimp or such other program. Do you send newsletters and other communications by the postal service? We can help design a beautiful and professional newsletter that is representative of your unique business and its niche. We're ready to start when you are!);

          »     Transcription of webinars, meetings and presentations (These are wonderful ways to, again, present yourself as an expert in your field. You can use these transcripts to create eBooks, white papers, marketing materials, FAQs and for-sale items. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Take your webinar, meeting or presentation a step further and allow it to work for you!);

          »     Website content and blog posts creation (I mentioned above how important it is to have a website presence for your business. Your website needs to have exceptional, interesting, unique and engaging content to attract prospective clients and to encourage visitors to return to your website. At Business Remedies, LLC, our team of Business Health Professionals includes writers who accomplish and excel at this very thing! Let us know your needs and we will begin to add "dazzle" to your website content and blog posts!);

          »     Human resources management and talent acquisition (For several years now, the unemployment rate has told us that there are masses of people out of work and, undoubtedly, looking for work. Your business likely requires unique individuals who are dedicated, responsible and trustworthy - would you want an employee who was not dedicated, responsible and trustworthy? I think not! But, where to find them, this is the ever-constant question. And, once you have posted the position and the resumes come pouring in, who wants to sift through them? Well, you can rest easy because Business Remedies, LLC, actually does! We can draft the job description; post the position; review, i.e. sift through, the resumes; assess qualifications and fit; arrange and perform interview screens; provide interview screen summaries; and, schedule interviews for you with the leading applicants. You can leave the whole process to us and then make the final decision following your interviews. No need for you to bother yourself with the process because we LOVE this stuff!); and,

          »     Marketing, such as branding and logo creation (Do you need to brand your business from scratch?  Do you need to "freshen up" your existing brand with a revised logo and new marketing materials? After all, every business needs a "fresh face" every once in a while! We can help you with this so your business sparkles and shines! Are you in?).

     If you find yourself in need of a Business Health Professional, we are just a phone call or email away. You know, you don't have to take on the world by yourself! We are here to work behind the scenes to make sure your business is growing stronger and stronger. With the aid of a "wellness" plan and a more focused and relaxed business owner who has more time to leverage and position his or her business, this will quickly become a reality!

     If you feel we can be of assistance to you and your business or if you would like to know more about our services, please let us know.  The Doctor Is In!

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