Entrepreneur 101 – Why Do You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?

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What is so compelling about being an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur 101_000018751144_ExtraSmallBeing an entrepreneur is something special . . . at least it is for me. Many people have asked me why I left a respected law firm to begin my own business. Well, like everyone who possesses an entrepreneurial spirit, I left for several reasons. One of my reasons was tied directly to commute. I live in Montana and was driving 1½ hours each way. Now, while Montana is beautiful and I actually loved the drive with the mountains in the distance, the river flowing beside the highway and the oft sited white-tail deer, mule deer, moose and elk, this did take 3 hours from my day, 15 hours from my week. The commute, however, was not my greatest, #1 reason for handing in my notice and starting on a new grand adventure.

Enough about me, let's talk about you. Why are you considering a change? Or, have you already made the decision? What is prompting you to step outside of your comfort zone?

Is it an overwhelming desire to be your own boss, the decision maker, the big cheese? (No shrinking violets in this group!)

Is it the constant pull to build something from scratch or to make even better something that already exists? (The Lego Dream!)

Is it the fear of economic downturns, recessions and layoffs? (I'm not sure I've ever heard of these. Have you?)

Maybe . . . all of the above?

Whatever your answer may be, some people have this entrepreneurial desire and/or pull (or fear!) and some do not.

I recently read an article, 10 Best Reasons to Be an Entrepreneur by Ilya Pozin, in the Inc. online magazine. Mr. Pozin asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council why they continue to do what they do "when the work is hard and the hours are long". Mr. Pozin noted, "Not one of the entrepreneurs I spoke to mentioned money as the motivator." Instead, their reasons were opportunity, autonomy, freedom, responsibility to society, impact, family, change, legacy, accomplishment and control.

Whether your "why" is one of these reasons or something entirely different, those of us who do aspire to be entrepreneurs see "work" differently and possess a distinct way of viewing business. We want to do it our way! We, as entrepreneurs, want to have the freedom to make the decisions (Both good and bad, hard and easy!) and to see our business ideas, plans and concepts come to fruition. This fulfills something within us and is a necessary component to our "why".

See you at the water cooler!

P.S. - I wrote above that my commute was not the predominant reason which spurred me to start my own business. My dogs were! I am a widow and wanted to be able to spend more time with them. Like I said, everyone has their own reasons! My first and foremost reason was Hannah and Simon, but following closely on their heels was autonomy, freedom, accomplishment and control. Life is Good!

Prov. 31:10-31

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